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SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats10'to25' power 8 to 250 hp

SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats10'to25' power 8 to 250 hp The first and most effective automatic trim tab system provides better all around performance to even smaller boats with low hp engines. Even if your boat runs "okay", SMART TABS will improve the performance of your boat more than you ever thought possible. All you do is drive,SMART TABS do the rest

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01SX9510-30 SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats up to 15ft' power up to40 hp SX9510-30 £149.99 info buy
02SX9510-40 SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats14to 16ft Power up to 80 hp SX9510-40 £149.99 info buy
03SX9510-60 SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats15 to 17+Power Up 80 hp SX9510-60 £142.50 info buy
05SX10512-70 SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats 18-22ft Power Up 150 hp SX10512-70 £189.99 info buy
06SX9510-80 SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats 18-22Power Up 240 hp SX9510-80 £149.99 info buy
07SX10512-90 SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats 21-25ftPower Up 250 hp SX10512-90 £189.99 info buy
Trem Marine Equipment


TREM HYDROFOIL SYSTEM BLACK  HYDROFOIL SYSTEM BLACK  Assists in boat trimming,Quicker planing and improves fuel consumption. 2 sizes available Up to 50hp and 50hp and above.

AF6-20450 Trem HYDROFOIL SYSTEM BLACK Engines 4hp to 50hp £19.03 info buy
AF6-20451 TREM HYDROFOIL SYSTEM BLACK Fits 50hp upwards £22.55 info buy
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